About Restworks

Studies have shown that taking a brief nap during the day improves alertness, learning, creativity and mood while regular napping has been documented to reduce stress and significantly reduce the risk of heart disease.

Restworks provides workplace rest and napping installations for various industries, including corporations, hospitals and universities.

We will partner with you to create the ideal workplace solution for your organization, putting to work our years of experience in the sleep field and our knowledge of the equipment available for workplace rest and napping.

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Who We Serve

Athletic Teams

Brief rest supports training efficiency and game performance.

The University of California at Berkley football team incorporates naps into their training schedules.

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Aviation & Air Traffic Control

improve vigilance and alertness. Reduce fatigue for flight crew and cabin crew.

Changi Airport in Singapore has 4 EnergyPods in the lounge of The Jewel.

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Naps boost learning and memory consolidation. Most students could also use the additional sleep.

Western Sydney University provides EnergyPods at each of their seven libraries in Syndey, Australia.

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Fitness & Spa

Expand your offering to increase your‎ client base and generate incremental revenue.

Virgin Active features EnergyPods at sites across Australia, Southeast Asia and the United Kingdom.

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Health Care

Improve staff mood and resilience. Reduce fatigue for the commute home after a long (night) shift.

Queensland Health opened their new Sunshine Coast University Hospital with 6 EnergyPods so their hospital staff can integrate naps into their schedules.

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Reduce errors and accidents caused by fatigue. Support workers by day and on the night shift.

Intel Corp provides EnergyPods for their engineers coming off the night shift at their FAB in Ireland.

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Mining / Oil & Gas

Fatigue risk management. Support long term health and well-being.

Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) utilizes EnergyPods at mining sites and in operator control rooms in Perth and Port Hedland.

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Mission Critical

Mission critical operations such as Utilities, Transport Infrastructure, and Emergency Response teams run 24/7.

NASA supports its researchers and flight crews with EnergyPods at the Neil Armstrong Building in Palmdale, CA.

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Reduce stress, support mindfulness, impact creativity and productivity.

White & Case in Washington DC offers their employees use of EnergyPods and Recliners for their staff.

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Simplify shared space management with the Restworks app and digital solutions

Take a Nap

Set a nap time to fall asleep anywhere with soothing music and awaken refreshed with a gentle alarm.

Coming soon for Apple and Android

The Restworks App will be available for download in Q1 2020.

In the News

Nap at the Superbowl

This week the EnergyPod is in Atlanta at the Super Bowl to give the media a break throughout the week leading up to the big game. We can be at expos, conferences and seminars.

Learn more here.

EnergyPod Installed at Luxury Boston Coworking Space

The EnergyPod has been installed at Business District in Boton, MA. The coworking space is the first to install the nap pod for its tenants.

Read more about the space and amenities here.

University of California Installs Eight Podtime Tubes for Athletes

The University of California athletic department is getting a face lift with the installation of eight Podtime Tubes and five lounge chairs for its athletes.

Read more about the installation and how the equipment will be used here.

EnergyPod Featured in Lexus Car Commercial

The EnergyPod was featured in Lexus’ newest car commercial debuting their most elevated 2018 models.

Watch the commercial here